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Save time, increase visits, and nurture relationships with:

Text Messaging



Send post-surgery updates, next-day check-ins, daily updates via text, all sure to be read quickly.  

Get your patients back in the door with fun and effective health service reminders. 

Attract new clients with raving public reviews from your practice's biggest advocates. 



And more

Help keep your patients and your practice healthy with focused campaigns for specific pets.

Send automated, intuitive confirmations and follow-ups by text, email, & phone.

Everything else you need to connect with your clients when they're not at your practice.

Navigate COVID-19 at your practice with helpful tools.

Curbside service presents some unique and formidable challenges, but veterinary professionals are innovative and rise to the occasion when things get tough. VetTools lends a helping hand by acting as your virtual assistant, with tools to help you tackle curbside service efficiently and effectively.

Get some phone flexibility.

Minimize exposure.

Work smarter, not harder.

If your practice phone lines are overloaded with the extra calls to clients while your team manages curbside service, you'll love your virtual phone feature.

You and your authorized team members can make outgoing calls from your mobile phones, computers, and tablets with your practice appearing as the caller.

VetTools includes two powerful image-based texting features:

2-Way MMS image texts and

1-Way video texts.

These features can sometimes be used for remote simple patient rechecks instead of an in-person visit for at-risk clients or clients who are sick or may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Your team's time is valuable, so why have them type the same message over and over? 

Customizable text message templates empower you to save your valuable time and provide clear, consistent instructions for routine and repeat curbside client messaging.

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Bridge the face-to-face gap.

Masks, curbside service, and overbooked appointments can make it harder than usual to nurture relationships with your clients. VetTools can help you bridge that gap and make your clients feel more connected to you and your practice.

Help clients feel included.

Tell the exam story  with images.

Keep the care flowing.

Help your clients feel like an active participant in their pet's visit by chatting with them just before, right after, or even during their pet's examination using your virtual phone feature.

Phone lines already overloaded? No problem: the virtual phone allows you and your authorized team members to make outgoing calls from your mobile phones, computers, and tablets with your practice appearing as the caller, and without tying up your practice's phone lines.

Whether they're worried about Fido flying solo in your office or you need to clearly share your exam findings, sending patient photos via SMS is a quick but effective way to connect with your waiting clients. 

Consider texting before-and-after pics of (formerly) dirty ears, a shy cat enjoying a yummy treat as you perform your exam, or the new puppy getting some extra snuggles from your tech. Sharing moments like these reassure your clients and help to illustrate the value of the visit in their absence. 

Post-appointment follow-up messages are more important than ever, to make sure clients are satisfied and fully understand the outcome of their pet's visit, as well as your recommendations.  

VetTools can automate sending your follow-up messages for you via SMS and email, to make sure they're going out consistently and freeing up your staff's time. Intuitive appointment typing, advanced settings, and customizable templates means everything sounds and feels true to your practice. 

Check out these happy tails!

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